I tend to focus on poster design, but I do in fact provide a full range of designs from general graphic design artwork such as brochures, newsletters, signs, icons to logo design, and website projects. I have a passion for creating projects both large and small. I approach every design challenge with research, brainstorming, and refining my work until the best solution is attained. I would love to bring your design ideas to life.


For me this is who I am and not a surface image I am trying to portray. I thought about my brand and what I wanted to project. I named the first words that came to mind that described the essence of my brand personality.

  1. Opportunity in seizing the moment to be a part of something interesting.
  2. Compassion because I care about others and want to support them by providing good service.
  3. Learning since there is so much to know, and development is part of what sustain me.
  4. Purple color represents creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, mystery, independence, and magic. Light purple hues represent feminine energy and delicacy.

My style is minimal. I love clean lines, the pastel tones of blossom, clear and curved typefaces, abstract textures, and polka dot patterns.